Made with passion and Huly

A Symphony of Productivity

In the world of project management, a lineage of respected tools has evolved from Bugzilla. Jira, Linear, and others have led us in a ceremonial procession of tasks. However, this approach often falls short in capturing the dynamic interplay of our daily work. It provides a static view of tasks that can’t adapt to the fluid nature of our real-world workflows.

Today, we introduce Huly, a pioneering solution that breaks away from Bugzilla’s legacy. Huly challenges the status quo, offering a new perspective on project management that aligns seamlessly with the inherent complexity and order of our workflows. Welcome to a new era with Huly.

The Heartbeat of Huly

Huly is not just a tool; it’s a reimagination of project workflow. It recognizes that what we’ve called Task (Linear), Issue (Jira), or Work Item (Azure Boards) is, in fact, intricate process involving numerous steps and stakeholders. Huly retains the Task concept but redefines it as a focused activity, which can be further broken down into Subtasks and ultimately culminates in Todos.

Huly introduces Todo — not as a replacement for Task, but as the actionable end-point of these processes. A Todo is the commitment of an individual to move the needle, an agreement between the team member and the task at hand, personalized and precise. It stands as the final link in a chain of productivity, ensuring that no step is too small to be overlooked and no detail too fine to be refined.

Envisioning Huly at Work

Picture a software team working on the next big release. Within Huly, the journey begins with a broad Initiative, perhaps to enhance user security. This breaks down into Epics, large-scale objectives like implementing new authentication protocols. From there, we see Features like “Login Form” which then distill into Tasks — the processes that need meticulous planning and execution.

Each Task is a world in itself, encapsulating stages like design, development, and testing, broken down into Subtasks that address specific components of the larger goal. And finally, we have Todos, the individual assignments scheduled in a team member’s calendar — not just a task waiting to be checked off but a scheduled event in the day of a developer or designer.

Daily Team Planning

With Huly, Daily Team Planning becomes a real-time dashboard of the day’s missions. It’s here that the team can see, at a glance, who is doing what and when. If a Todo is set for today, it’s active — a piece of the day’s puzzle fitting neatly into the larger picture of the week’s goals.

Adding to its dynamism, Huly fosters a culture of accountability and adaptability. Each morning, teams convene to update their progress and recalibrate plans, ensuring that every individual’s tasks align with the project’s shifting priorities. This meeting is not just a check-in but a strategic alignment of resources and focus, a fine-tuning of the day’s composition to keep the symphony of productivity harmonious and uninterrupted.

Always in Motion

Huly’s intelligence lies in its ability to manage transitions between stages. When a designer marks their Todo as Done Huly understands that it’s time for the Task to move to its next phase. Automations seamlessly create the next set of Todos, pinging the software engineer that it’s their turn to transform design into functionality.

In the Huly ecosystem, processes never grow stale. Should a Todo linger unattended, reminders go out, ensuring that the flow of work continues unimpeded. And if a Todo is canceled, Huly gracefully rolls back to the previous state, finding the next path forward to keep the project on course.

Triumph of Transparency

Huly champions transparency, bringing every team member into the light with a clear vision of the project’s status. It breaks down silos and builds bridges between tasks and people. With Huly, each Todo is visible to all, creating a cohesive and transparent workflow. Clients and stakeholders get a front-row seat to the project’s unfolding story through shared dashboards and progress reports, ensuring that everyone is tuned to the same frequency.

This visibility isn’t just about being able to see what’s happening; it’s about understanding the workflow’s interconnectivity. Huly’s insightful reporting shines a spotlight on efficiency and areas ripe for improvement, fostering an environment where progress is not just made — it’s shown and shared. In the realm of project management, Huly stands as a beacon of transparency, guiding teams to a harmonious and collective success.

The Huly Invitation

From Initiatives to Todos, Huly paints a complete narrative of your project’s progress. It’s a platform where the complexity of software development is met with the elegance of simplicity, where every level of the hierarchy plays a crucial role, and where the true source of truth is not a ticket but the ongoing story of creation and collaboration.

We invite you to step into the world of Huly, where every Initiative is an opportunity, every Epic a journey, every Feature a discovery, every Task a pathway, every Subtask a step, and every Todo a personal mission towards collective success. Welcome to Huly, where the map is as dynamic as the territory it represents, and where the future of project management has finally arrived.